About Us



Hey there!

We are so glad that you stumbled upon our website and even more excited to find you here, reading about us! :)

House of Macramé is very much a homegrown brand, co-founded by a mother-daughter duo.

Our Creative Head, Mrs. Dolly Mehta has always been exceptionally talented, always eager to learn. She learnt the art of knotting at a rather young age, from her mother. She was very passionate but as the time went by, she devoted herself wholeheartedly to married life, family and her 3 kids. She still did make macramé belts and purses, but neither could she source the right raw material nor find a good market. Unfortunately finding good opportunities in those times without any social media, that too in a small town, was quite a challenge.

A few years back, approaching almost 50 years of wisdom, she found herself again! She decided to go back to her threads, as wholeheartedly and passionately as she always wanted.

Fun fact - The first macramé wall-hanging was made out of a water purifier's filter thread! Truly, where there is a will, there is a way.

Within a few months, every wall of her house was decorated with macramé wall-hangings, lamps, plant-hangers and dream-catchers. Her tech-savvy kids made an Instagram account, clicked better product pictures and made sure to create an online presence. Eventually, they started getting a few orders once in a while and oh! the joy to know someone wants to buy something handcrafted by you!

Her daughter Dhvani, a Fine-Arts graduate, could see the potential this had and how they could teach this craft to more women and provide them with an additional income. She pitched this idea to OKHAI, a non-profit organisation by TCSRD aimed at women empowerment and promoting handicraft techniques. During the initial months of the lockdown was when House of Macramé launched on Okhai. The love and appreciation it has received not just pan-india but worldwide is a dream come true.

We find ourselves very fortunate to have bloomed multifolds during the times where everything has been rather uncertain. We are a team of 7 wonderful women artisans now at House of Macramé and we hope to keep on growing!

So trust me, each purchase made by you here is going to make a significant difference!